The Girl Who Blocked Her Own Shot

I'm Ashlyn. Living in Boston, loving life. Graphic design major. People person, sweetheart. New friends are sweet, don't be shy.

Never felt this hurt in my life man. Sucks when the one person you always expected to be in your life throws you away and just stops caring. I feel like a little bug that got squished :’(

Keep smiling it confuses people

Really need a hug or someone to cry to. I don’t want to be alone right now.

And I can’t find myself cuz…

You’ve taken control
of my heart and my soul
Tried to call but your phones disconnected
Boy you know that I can not accept this

Now I’m stuck in my head
While you lie in your bed
Tryin to sleep just to forget my name
Tryin to sleep just to block out the pain

Smoke bubbles